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On the 12th floor of THE 75007 is the Invisible Lounge, a place
that has yet to be revealed to the public.

Billed as a space reserved only for those who are truly loyal to the Web 3.0 ecosystem, it has never been fully revealed to anyone until now. Many people came to the 12th floor with high hopes, only to be disappointed and turned away. But only one person, Mr. Brown, has managed to get a seat at the very beginning of the 12th floor. He offered everyone who came up to the 12th floor a place to sit on an equal footing with him. He also offered them a glass of whiskey, asked them what they wanted to do with the place, and let them do it. As time went on, someone brought in bar tables, someone brought in liquor, someone installed new lighting. Within a few rules, everyone worked autonomously to create a pretty cool whiskey bar.


brown CITY TYCOON is,


project that runs

a real whiskey bar.

BROWN CITY TYCOON is an NFT DAO project that lets you run a real-world whiskey bar. Brown City Tycoon is an NFT DAO project that manages a real-world whiskey bar. Holders can set the direction of the project, have voting rights on its implementation and operation, and manage a real-world whiskey bar like a game. As a member of a reality-based DAO, you'll experience something far different than the benefits of a simple membership NFT. Holder’s Benefits >

Remember roller coaster tycoons?
Now you can play them in real life.

Brown City Tycoon is a real-world whiskey bar tycoon.
We've all dreamed of owning a whiskey bar, right?

We’ve all dreamed of it, right? Maybe

you want to run a whiskey bar. 😎


All voting

will take


in Snapshot

As a Brown City Tycoon holder, you can participate in DAO activities like this.
Through DAO activities, you can make all the decisions for the real-world Whiskey Bar together. for the real-world Whiskey Bar together.
dao dao light

Decide on the naming of the DAO
whiskey bar.

Brown City Tycoon holders will vote on the name of Brown City Tycoon's whiskey bar that will open in 2023.
  • Once minted, all holders are free to suggest names for the whiskey bar in the Brown City Tycoon's discord.
  • The names that receive the most reactions from other holders are nominated.
  • Register it as an official agenda item on Brown City Tycoon's Snapshot.
  • Vote to determine the name of the whiskey bar.

Decide on the location of the
whiskey bar as a DAO.

Brown City Tycoon holders will vote to determine the location of the whiskey bar. Current candidate locations are Apgujeong, Cheongdam, Sinsa, and Seongsu, but the final location may change through DAO activities.
  • Once minting is complete, Brown City Tycoon's Operations team explores various locations.
  • The explored candidates will be published on Brown City Tycoon's discord with the theme of "unexpected" spaces by default. The size of the space is expected to be around 80 square meters considering the number of holders.
  • Nominate spaces that have received the most reactions from holders.
  • List the space as an official agenda item on Brown City Tycoon's Snapshot.
  • Vote to determine the location of the whiskey bar.

[Currently explored candidate sites]

* Currently, the top floor of the Moroccan Embassy building in Korea and about 120 pyeong of rooftop space have been secured to the level of contracting

Decide on a story, concept, and interior
guide for the DAO's whiskey bar.

Now we have an important decision to make together. The Brown City Tycoon DAO will co-create the story of the whiskey bar. Based on the membership program you've already decided on, you'll also decide on the concept of the bar, such as whether the interior will be Zen, cyberpunk, or classic.
  • The currently decided membership program can be found in the Benefit section.
  • In order to stay true to the concept of creating the best whiskey bar in Korea together, we will invest about 70% of the minting amount into the interior of the space.

[Interior Concept Image]

Develop a membership program
on the DAO.

Develop a membership program in the DAO. We are confident that thinking about what kind of program will be most enjoyable for members when they gather and spend time together will make our community more valuable.
with membership program

Decide on an operational strategy
for the whiskey bar.

Identify and decide together on the menu, whiskey selection, promotion policy, and other activities that will cost money for the DAO's whiskey bar.
  • Recommend and develop food pairings for whisky together.
  • Discuss and decide together on the introduction of new and emerging whiskies.
  • Discuss and make decisions about hiring new managers or new bartenders for the whisky bar.
  • Decide together on additional decor, furniture, appliances, etc.
management with dao

Make business decisions about the
expansion, contracting, and dissolution of
the whiskey bar to be operated.

If Brown City Tycoon's first whisky bar is successful, the DAO will consider a second and third expansion strategy together. You can also participate in decision-making in the parts of contracts with various potential partners that the whiskey bar can work with.
On the contrary, we can also discuss dissolution when the whiskey bar we operate is in trouble.

decision-making on any additional agenda
items that arise from time to time.

Any holder of Brown City Tycoon can submit an idea for a whiskey bar that anyone can run. All communication takes place in a discord that only holders can enter, and agendas that receive a certain threshold of support are immediately put on the voting agenda in Snapshot and, if they meet the threshold, are immediately implemented by Brown City Tycoon's Operations team.


Holders will receive a monthly airdrop of coupons to use at the whiskey bar.
Black Level holders will receive 1,000,000 won coupons per month, and Red Level holders will receive 300,000 won coupons per month. However, these coupons cannot be carried over. This benefit is given out for the first year to revitalize the community.
Whiskey Bar is a privileged space open only to the holders and their party. Upon entry, they will be authenticated via the NFT Verification Machine.
Up to three non-holders can visit the Whiskey Bar together. The only way for non-holders to visit is to be in good standing with the holder.
Holders become knowledgeable whiskey connoisseurs through periodic events. You can buy casks together and collect membership-only whiskies through IB or run a three-month private whisky education course with an aroma kit. We develop and execute endless other events together.
Holders can upgrade their own NFTs according to their performance using the whiskey bar. The benefits will be upgraded to match the upgraded NFT.
Holders decide how to spend the revenue generated by the Whiskey Bar through a DAO vote. They may decide to go on a whiskey selection trip together, or they may decide to share the profits. The operation team executes what's agreed upon, but all decisions are up to the holders.
As a result, the benefits, other than the ultimate benefit of building the best whiskey bar, can change at any time based on the DAO's decision. This is because Brown City Tycoon is a project that is shaped by its holders.


Available Item 365


Black Level

Total Price
600,000 BYPE 12,000,000 KRW
Black Level holders have access to the Black Lounge, which is only available to Black Level NFT holders. The Black Lounge is a secretive and private space where the most luxurious services are available.

The Black Lounge consists of two spaces, and there are no time limits for use. The Black Lounge can be booked through our direct concierge service.
Black level holders have access to the Whiskey Bar with a maximum of three guests.
Receive a monthly airdrop of KRW 1,000,000 in coupons to use at the Whiskey Bar.
Participate in the planning and execution of events for holders.
Participate in decision-making on how to use the revenue generated from the Whiskey Bar and other operations. Upgrade your NFTs and get better benefits based on the performance of the Whiskey Bar.

RED Level

Total Price
170,000 BYPE 3,650,000 KRW
Red level holders will have access to a private whiskey bar that only Brown City Tycoon NFT holders can enter. You can become the owner of a membership-only whiskey bar with the best facilities and whiskey selection in the country.

The Private Whisky Bar is open daily in two parts. Part 1 is expected to be from 6pm to 10pm and part 2 from 10pm to 2am the following day. Advance reservations are required. Red level holders have access to the Whiskey Bar with a maximum of three people. Each month, they will receive an airdrop of 300,000 won coupons to use at the Whiskey Bar. Participate in the planning and execution of events for holders. Participate in decision-making on how to use the revenue generated from the Whiskey Bar and other operations.
Upgrade your NFTs and get better benefits based on the performance of the Whiskey Bar.

Forecast by use

Interior construction and lease of the design space of the best space design team in Korea

About 700 million won


Whiskey selection and pick-up, team setting

About 250 million won


Brown City Tycoon Operation Team

About 125
million won


operating reserve

About 125
million won



If we succeed in minting,
about 1.2 to 1.3 billion won The use and proportion of revenue
can be changed through DAO voting.



  • Reveal Brown City Tycoon Project
  • Establish Brown City Tycoon operating SPC


  • Start Private NFT Sales
  • Complete Private NFT Sales (365 Holders)


  • Decide and Vote Whiskey Bar
    Naming & Concept
  • Brown City Tycoon Operations
    team explores Whiskey Bar
    locations and releases
    shortlist of candidates


  • Vote and Decide Whiskey Bar Location
  • Complete Whiskey Bar Design
    and Interior Design


  • Vote and decide on membership program,
    whiskey selection,
    and promotional policies
  • Complete selection of Whiskey Bar
    Management Team


  • Complete construction of the whiskey bar
  • Open Brown City Tycoon Whiskey Bar
    & launch party

minting info

About the Collection
Brown City Tycoon
Private Sale Only.
Brown City Tycoon is all about the community of good people.
If you are interested in participating in the Private Sale,
please contact our Concierge service
on the bottom right for a consultation.

All 365 Sold Out!

Contact us for NFT
purchase queues
Click to go to BCT VIP Concierge!

Payment Methods

We accept payment from individuals, sole proprietors, and corporate businesses.

mint schedule

  1. Sold Out !

    May 2 ~ May 7
    00:00 GMT+10

    BLACK 10,000,000 KRW

    RED 3,000,000 KRW

  2. Sold Out !
    Early Bird Sales

    May 8 ~ May 12

    BLACK 450,000 BYPE 10,000,000 KRW

    RED 140,000 BYPE 3,000,000 KRW

  3. Sold Out !
    1st Sales

    May 13 ~ May 22

    BLACK 550,000 BYPE 11,000,000 KRW

    RED 150,000 BYPE 3,300,000 KRW

  4. Sold Out !
    2nd Sales

    May 23 ~

    BLACK 600,000 BYPE 12,000,000 KRW

    RED 170,000 BYPE 3,650,000 KRW

DAO INterview

  1. BCT, how did you get involved?

    Mr. Brown

    Professional Investor

    I've always wanted to be a whiskey bar owner, but I was hesitant because I thought it would be a lot of work to actually run a whiskey bar. Then I came across BCT and the concierge consultation convinced me. I expect the process of building a bar with 365 people to be a fun and fruitful network. This project is a very productive and engaging opportunity.
  2. What does BCT look like in your mind?

    Mr. Dram

    Franchise Business

    I've thought about it thoroughly. Assuming BCT is sold out, I think it will be around 1.3 to 1.4 billion won, and the concierge agrees. I'm good at calculating the cost of renting space and decorating, etc. in my job, and even if I'm conservative, I think we can make a really cool whiskey bar. I like a whiskey bar that has a timeless, old-fashioned feel to it, a little bit like the movie Kingsman.
  3. BCT, what was the moment
    conviction for you?

    Mr. Bourbon

    Education Business

    I'm a whiskey guy by nature. I saw a similar project a while ago, but it only emphasized that I could make money, but didn't explain what happiness or pleasure I could get. Of course, it would be nice to make money, but this is a project for a worthwhile life. I felt that was the purpose of this project, and I felt trust in BCT for staying true to its purpose.
  4. Why did you choose
    BLACK over RED?

    Mr. Glencairn


    There are only two things I expect from BCT, one is to create a really good whiskey bar and the other is to have a private experience, which is why I chose BLACK. I'm going to be in this project for a long time, and I expect BLACK to be a private space because we have our own Black Lounge and we have our own bartender. If the quality of the whiskey bar is good, my choice is a very reasonable luxury. (laughs)


I'd like to know a little more about BCT.

BCT stands for Brown City Tycoon, an NFT project that is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where NFT holders work together to run a real-world whiskey bar. If you're a whiskey lover, you've probably thought about it at least once: "Why don't I own a whiskey bar?" is now a reality. Holders will have the privilege to make democratic decisions about the management of the whiskey bar with blockchain technology, as well as have free access to the whiskey bar. Everyone dreams of owning their own whiskey bar, but it is practically impossible to fulfill that dream alone or with a few friends, but if 365 people with the same dream gather through DAO, it is possible, which is the biggest purpose and vision of the BCT project. We think the BCT project in DAO format, where you have ownership and contribute to the project's revenue, is the most stable way to connect your dream of a side hustle with your favorite hobby.

How do I become a BCT holder?

You can become a holder by participating in the Private Sale on the BCT Collection page of THE 75007. You can also request a purchase consultation through BCT's Private Concierge (bottom right corner of your browser) and one of our passionate managers from the BCT Operations team will be happy to walk you through the process of becoming a Holder.

Why only proceed with Private Sale?

Since BCT is a project that operates a whiskey bar together, and since it is a community and a space that only holders can enter, our goal is to have a diverse group of holders who are not limited to one field. We thought a private sale would be the best way to achieve this.

How can I pay?

While BCT is clearly a web3.0 project, we support two payment methods for the sake of customer experience, and the BCT Operations Team is dedicated to assisting you through the payment process.
- Bype payment: BYPE TOKEN is the governance token of THE 75007 and is the most economically favorable way to pay.
- Account transfer (available for individuals, sole proprietors, and corporate entities)

If I become an NFT holder, how can I participate in the DAO?

You will be invited to join the Discord channel where the community of THE 75007 operates, which is only open to BCT NFT holders, and where all agendas are discussed. When an agenda is decided to be voted on, the agenda will be posted on the Snapshot page where BCT NFT holders can vote, and decisions will be made through holder voting. BCT's Operations Team is responsible for executing and implementing the decisions. The information required for the decision-making process is also transparently disclosed to the community. In the DAO, you'll be able to make decisions before the whiskey bar opens, how it will operate after it opens, and what to do with the profits. But rest assured. Holders don't have to do anything but imagine a cool whiskey bar and gather opinions.

Do I need knowledge of Web 3, including NFTs?

While it would be great to have some basic knowledge, Brown City Tycoon is an attempt to bring the benefits of Web 3.0 to life in a way that everyone can experience, so we plan to provide plenty of training and information for those who are unfamiliar with Web 3.0. Please don't worry.

Will there be any legal issues?

BCT's Operations team is constantly consulting with legal experts. Brown City Tycoon has thoroughly reviewed the laws and rules for setting up, opening, and operating a whiskey bar, as well as DAOs with active social discussions, to proactively respond and share them transparently.

What benefits will BCT holders receive?

BCT NFTs are organized into two levels, Black Level and Red Level. The main difference is that the available space in the whiskey bar is different. Black Level holders have access to a separate lounge exclusively for Black Level, while Red Level holders have access to the rest of the space, excluding the Black Lounge. Black Level holders will receive a 1 million won coupon that can be used monthly for the first year, while Red Level holders will receive a 300,000 won coupon that can be used monthly for the first year. Please refer to the BCT Collection website for more details.

Where will BCT's whiskey bar be located?

We believe it should be in a location that is most accessible to BCT holders. Currently, BCT's Operations Team is exploring various locations, including the following
- 1st candidate site: Top floor and rooftop of the Moroccan Embassy in Seoul, 32 Jangmun-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
- 2nd candidate site : Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
- 3rd candidate site : Apgujeong-dong and Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
- 4th candidate site : Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Since location is of utmost importance, we will discuss the various candidate sites with our holders after the Private Sale, and ultimately decide on the best location through a DAO vote.

Is there any chance of problems with the real estate contract for the whiskey bar in BCT?

The contract period of the real estate and the relationship with the property owner are very important. We will start discussing spaces with a minimum contract term of 5 years, and we will mobilize the network of THE 75007, its affiliates, and investors to maximize the contracts with property owners we have relationships with.

How big is the whiskey bar at BCT?

We hypothesized that 365 holders will visit once a month with a group of 3. Then we expected about 1,000 people to visit per month, so we decided that a space of about 80 square meter is appropriate. The 80 square meter whiskey bar will consist of 10 bar seats, 32 red tables (4 seats), and 8 black tables, totaling about 50 seats.

How do you ensure that BCT's interior will be of the highest standard?

When we complete the private sale, we will raise about KRW 1.3 billion. Of this, more than 50% will be invested in interior costs. This means that we will invest about KRW 10 million in interior costs per square meter. This is because the space design of the whiskey bar, which is only accessible to the holders, is the most important to increase the satisfaction of the holders. We will also select the best design and construction teams in Korea and focus on creating a unique space that is different from the rest.

When can I start using the whiskey bar after purchasing BCT?

Once the private sale is finalized in May, we will proceed with location selection and operation strategy voting, space interior concept decision, and interior construction work in sequence. Our goal is to launch the Whiskey Bar in September 2023 and hold a launch party with the holders.

What kind of whiskey selection will the whiskey bar have?

There are so many whiskies in the world. We will continue to introduce a variety of whiskies to the BCT holder channel, and the selection will be based on the whiskies that receive the most votes. Of course, for the initial launch, BCT's professional whisky manager will do the basic setup, and we will start with a selection of about 200 million won whiskies.

What kind of events will be organized for BCT holders in the future?

Basically, we are hoping that holders will continue to gather ideas. If they want to do something, the BCT Operations Team will execute it. It could be importing casks from Scotland and private labeling them and having an event where each holder gets a bottle, it could be going on a whisky tour of Japan, it could be having a private whisky gathering. We hope that this project will help BCT holders realize their dreams.

Aren’t the prices of BCT NFTs too high?

Although BCT's NFTs have a membership program, it is not a cost that will disappear over time. If you want to stop being a member of BCT at any time for any reason, you can simply sell your NFTs to someone else. We believe this is a reasonable amount considering the various benefits that are offered to early members. There is another opportunity. If BCT becomes widely known and more people want to join the community, the price of your NFTs may increase. We're looking forward to the day when we can enjoy the benefits of Membership Only and get a good return on our investment.