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About Nuef

Someone call us die-hard
enthusiasts, others call us super
fans or clumsy experts. But we
call each other Freak Artists.

Talking about yesterday’s 90-minute EPL game for 4 hours Finding out the album name just by looking at the shape of the LP. They are slightly eccentric artists who are sincere about what they like.

...but wait! What did you just say you like?
My friend Nuef is a bit of eccentric. Even if you don’t seem to be interested in the stories of the world that are popular these days. He is a friend who persistently digs into the end of the world when he finds something he likes.
Isn’t it amazing?
For some reason, I’m curious in what NUEF likes because it always looks interesting.
NUEF lives in hidden
spaces on each floor
of THE 75007.

NUEF who has lived
there since birth
knows everything
about THE 75007.
Meet the Nuef on each floor that resemble the concept of
the space he has lived in. Do you know? Maybe NUEF will
grant your wish.

NUEF was born in an untouched, secret space on the corner
of THE 75007. NUEF who was born with all kinds of curiosity in
the world, started wandering around the department store.
Each of them decides on a floor they like, and they live in
harmony with that space.

Meet the NUEF who lives on each floor.
Will you tell me a very funny story?

In THE 75007, there are occasional gaps through which light
pours out. THE 75007. I don’t even know when. No one knows
the age of the NUEF, who are said to have been born for the
silt light. Mysterious beings who don’t know how much
knowledge they have or how much experience they have.

The light next to you... You’ve been chosen

by NUEF!

Nuef, an unknown being born in a secret space, he is a
talkative person who likes to talk a lot about his tastes. He
doesn’t have eyes, nose, and mouth, but he kindly draws
facial expressions for communication.
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Look at that!
he bought 12 sprays, probably because
he has a lot to say.
A secret space in the corner of THE 75007 that no one can touch. NUEF an unknown being, was born. NUEF was born with all kinds of curiosity in the world and immediately started wandering around THE 75007. Then, each of us decided on a floor we liked, and we came to live with what we call ‘taste’ by resembling that space.

NUEF had large ears, through which he could hear and feel everything in the world. With their special telepathic abilities, they have become talkative people who constantly communicate about each other’s interests. Then one day, NUEF found out that there was a human being on the other side. He started to be curious about those who had similar ‘taste’ to them and started to observe them from a distance. And soon, he realized that humans communicate with voice and facial expression differently from themselves. It was a bit boring, but NUEF thought it would be fun. He quickly drew a picture on his face with a spray and thought to himself.



a smile?

NUEF has 4 properties.

property is used in
various ways in the
contents of THE 75007.

1st. propertY

1st. propertY 1st. propertY
  • With his unique curiosity, NUEF is looking forward to discovering new intelligences he will discover soon .
  • Although it exists in a slightly different way, it seems that the existence of the same 75007 universe will be discovered.
  • To coexist with them, NUEF is still contemplating a new way of communication.
  • The NFT of THE 75007 starts with NUEF.

#rarity #tribe #season #event

2nd. propertY

2nd. propertY 2nd. propertY
  • A mysterious being, NUEF is born with an innate ascendant.
  • NUEF, who have several ascendants, have a difference in rank to some extent, but respect each other.
  • Occasionally, a NUEF will appear who strives to attain a higher level of ascendant.

#rarity #ascendant #tier #compatibility

3rd. propertY

3rd. propertY 3rd. propertY
  • NUEF, who are sentient beings, each have their own unique characteristic.
  • Depending on the characteristic, it can be a little more advantageous in the challenge between the NUEF
  • For example, a calm NUEF can calmly explain his logic in a challenge with a hot-tempered NUEF but he is weak against the challenging logic of a NUEF who enjoys thrills.
  • NUEF can transform his characteristic for a challenge.

#character #challenge #transform

4th. propertY

4th. propertY 4th. propertY
  • NUEF has surprisingly picky tastes.
  • NUEF who like Jazz are born according to their own interests, such as inspiration, minimal, and lo-fi. (It resembles THE 75007's Floor name)
  • Preference can always change. And NUEF’s taste changes according to his preferences.

#preference #floor #transform




  • Nuef NFT + 1st Edition NFT 1~3 EA included.
  • Limited to 5 purchases available
  • Each Nuef has 4 properties, and they appear randomly when purchasing a TRIBE PACK.
  • 1st Edition NFTs can be exchanged for benefits related to THE 75007's collaboration and partnership collections.
Craft Pack

Craft Pack

  • Nuef’s Craft NFT 2EA included.
  • You can improve Nuef Properties.
  • You can breed by combining Nuef and Craft NFT.
  • Depending on the Craft NFT, you can participate in various activities of THE 75007.
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